Thursday, November 8, 2012

Teeswater Curling Club Members Painting the Ice

Everything is looking great, the Ice plant was started Nov 1 & ice was started to be made, with a couple floods a day the base was in & the ice was painted white, last night the circles were put on the Ice & the red & blue was painted & some of the lines were put down, tonight they finished the lines & will start flooding twice a day again until they can plane the ice hopefully next Wednesday. Things are looking very good for the Fun Night next Friday. Any of the Ladies thinking of joining the new ladies night on Thursday's need to let us know by Friday November 16th or we won't be able to have it for the 1st half of the season, teams will be made for Tuesday & Friday night after that, The Executive would like to Thank all of the Volunteers that have helped with the Ice Preparation.

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