Saturday, November 17, 2012

Teeswater Ladies Thursday Night Curling is a Go

We have 20 Ladies that are saying they are interested in coming out for the Ladies Fun Night on Thursday's, I'm just looking to firm up who is interested for sure so far this is the list: Cherielyn Leslie, Yes Sara Collins, Jenn Elliott Yes, Jenna Whytock (Darcy) Yes, Tammy Fischer Yes & Friend Yes, Sandy Montgomery Yes, Cara Culbert, Yes Joyce Millen Yes, Brenda Galbraith Yes, Diane Leslie Yes, Sherri Cronin, Tammy Elphick Yes, Kim (Millen) Beck Yes, Sharon Chambers Yes, Kim Voison ? Carol Ireland, Christie Whytock, Lori Fischer, Linda & Erica Ruetz Yes, open for more Ladies & all are welcome, Membership Fee: $250.00 or $170.00 if you volunteer 10 hours throughout the year. New Members $225.00 or $170.00 if you volunteer 10 hours throughout the year. 1st half of the year only pay 1/2 the fee & try it out before committing to the whole year. $25.00 late fee after Dec 1-12 Contact: or Thanx Richard Elliott Jr Teeswater Curling Club Director